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The Brand Relationship Spectrum

The brand relationship spectrum is a powerful tool of brand architecture that help organizing the brand structure. It is related to the driver role which has the responsibility for the purchase decision. These are four strategies of the brand relationship spectrum

House of brands
It is like the name itself that this strategy use an independent brand as the master of many major brands so that it called the house of brands. As a house, the brand have multiple businesses from many . Unilever, P&G, and Orang tua are the examples which is using this strategy. They are used to have some kind of category to manage their brands. As P&G has Pantene and Head&shoulders in the hair care category, Orang tua also has Formula and ABCdent in the Personal care. The category is depended on the brands.

Endorse brands
Every brands is independent. In this strategy, they endorse their brands with another independent brands or organizational brands to seek the credibility and expand the market. For example is Polo by Ralph Lauren that make a deal to endorse each other brand.

Sub brands
It is a bit similar with the endorse brand but the different is that this strategy tend to connected with the master or the parent brands. The relation is as close as the endorseed brand but it is between the parent and its child.

Branded House
As the contast strategy of the House of brands, Branded house uses a single master as the driver role with only descriptive brands. Different with house of brand that tend to make their brands shine, Branded house prefer makes the primary brand shine so that their product will also feel it. Apple or Nike can be the example, whatever product they offer will be accepted by the customer.


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