Kamis, 04 Juni 2015


Let me introduce my life inspiration, Pearypie. Her real name is Amata Chittasenee who is a professional make-up artist from Thailand. First time I know her was from my friend when she told me about a pretty woman who has a nice style on Instagram and it make me adore her until now. She has a perfect body which every girl dream about and pretty face. Recently, I got a news said that she is actually doing a plastic surgery. I also found it weird when I saw her parents and a brother who has little similarity with her. Besides, actually she is not that pretty when she doesn’t apply any make up. However, I don’t really care about that but makes me more adore her cause she is not that perfect woman and that’s the real human.

One of the reason why I adore her so much is because of her style. She is always being herself and never limit her own creation. Her style is kind a unique but still looks really cool. Woman tend to rid the childish thing when they grown up but she is different because she can combine her childish stuff and make it as her style. Beside being a make up artist, she also always make a make-up tutorial for people who want to learn about it. This is my favorite tutorial video from her. Check this out Peary Pie : Everyday look and this Pearypie x Stylenanda


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